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0 LIKES | Monday, 7 March 2016 00:54

Now that I think about it, the world, the universe is so huge. I'm just a speck of dust, a very grateful and happy speck of dust.

I'm not particular good at anything, so sometimes I wonder if there'll be a day I get to invite my mom to watch me do something. Like maybe watch me perform, compete or something like that. But I'm not good at sports nor studies. I'm just average. Maybe a little below average. I don't have something that I'm particularly good at :O However, I think I am one of the happiest person alive. I have a very loving mom and amazing-crazy friends
I have a place to stay, good food to eat, nice clothes to wear and everything else that's above average.

I knew I was lucky; I just didn't really take it seriously.

After being away from home for almost a year now, I've really opened my eyes. I suppose there's a reason to everyone that I meet and to everything that has happened.

So, thank God! :D
It's Been a Long Time
0 LIKES | Thursday, 14 January 2016 05:01

Wow there, almost a year since my last post. 
Time seriously flies. 

Today is January's valentines day and unfortunately on this day, Elsa had passed away. 
He's been having some sickness and wounds and I hope this will all end his pain. It's a big loss for Bern and it'll take her a long while to recover but I hope and pray she'll be fine.

I guess I'll update more soon 

Zouk with the Classmates
0 LIKES | Friday, 18 September 2015 03:50

First time going for clubbing the the classmates and we took an extremely long time arrive.
We got so lost trying to find our way there. My friend almost puked twice.

I really had fun last night despite not having enough to drink.
I think the thing that mattered most was having a bunch of crazy ass classmates there with you.
Everyone there was awkward at first and it took us awhile to have the kick. 
The next moment,your friends are already dancing away.

I've also recently created an account on 17.
It's a really cute app 😂😂
My 17 id is ferriskei

Dresses & Button-down Shirts
0 LIKES | Friday, 3 July 2015 11:06

So today is a special day where my entire class has a dress code.
It's also William's birthday today. 
It's nice to see how everyone co-operated. Well, almost. 

After classes, we went to Brooklyn B for lunch. :)
I tried their Bagels this time. 
It's pretty good! I just had some troubles munching the bagels off. 

We took lots and lots of photos today.
I'm afraid I'm beginning to feel attached to the people here. Just like how I did at work.
But in the end I'd be the only one feeling that way


Owl and Space
0 LIKES | Thursday, 2 July 2015 06:39

Went to two cafes today Too chill about everything :|
But anyway, I had fun chilling with classmates, having pre-celebration of one of my classmate's birthday at Owl Espresso.

I've been there several times now and I think they serve one of the best Bingsus. 
Wei Nee and I had Cookies's and Cream again.

Here's a different served Bingsu. Coconut Bingsu. 
Love the setting.

After class we went to chill again at SPACE.
Really enjoy hanging there. It's comfortable and really cozy. I wouldn't mind staying there for hours.

Here's my usual,
Flat White but this time, iced.

I still prefer it hot. Plus, I can enjoy looking at the beautiful coffee art. ;D


my Burger Lab
0 LIKES | Tuesday, 30 June 2015 09:17

Went to BurgerLab for din dins with classmates today :D
We went for a movie before that too. We watched Ted 2 and it was hilarious

My A++ burger <3 Different types of shrooms, egg, soft&tender chicken.
So tastyyyyyyy. The portion was just right for me ;D

We had an awesome bonding session. We talked and joked about so much nonsense.
The shop was already going to close when we were asked to leave. 

My lovely classmates. and Wei Nee.


0 LIKES | Monday, 29 June 2015 08:58

Wei Nee's first presentation today!
She looks extra pretty

Went to a nice looking cafe called Project Space with classmates. It's really beautiful.
Flat White tastes great. Reminds me of the ones I drank at Urban Coffee back in Penang.

I'm trying to work on my presentation and it's taking me years to get information on that guy.
Let's hope I post here more often.


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