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Owl and Space
0 LIKES | Thursday, 2 July 2015 06:39

Went to two cafes today Too chill about everything :|
But anyway, I had fun chilling with classmates, having pre-celebration of one of my classmate's birthday at Owl Espresso.

I've been there several times now and I think they serve one of the best Bingsus. 
Wei Nee and I had Cookies's and Cream again.

Here's a different served Bingsu. Coconut Bingsu. 
Love the setting.

After class we went to chill again at SPACE.
Really enjoy hanging there. It's comfortable and really cozy. I wouldn't mind staying there for hours.

Here's my usual,
Flat White but this time, iced.

I still prefer it hot. Plus, I can enjoy looking at the beautiful coffee art. ;D


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