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Now that I think about it, the world, the universe is so huge. I'm just a speck of dust, a very grateful and happy speck of dust.

I'm not particular good at anything, so sometimes I wonder if there'll be a day I get to invite my mom to watch me do something. Like maybe watch me perform, compete or something like that. But I'm not good at sports nor studies. I'm just average. Maybe a little below average. I don't have something that I'm particularly good at :O However, I think I am one of the happiest person alive. I have a very loving mom and amazing-crazy friends
I have a place to stay, good food to eat, nice clothes to wear and everything else that's above average.

I knew I was lucky; I just didn't really take it seriously.

After being away from home for almost a year now, I've really opened my eyes. I suppose there's a reason to everyone that I meet and to everything that has happened.

So, thank God! :D
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✻ music.
✻ food.
✻ sleep.
✻ love.


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